The Most Important Criteria for Choosing a Bookmaker


Bettors obviously need bookmakers because they can’t wager on their favourite sports without them. However, with so many bookmakers online, it can be difficult to choose the right one that suits your needs. In this article, we will look at the most important criteria for choosing the right bookmaker.

Look at the quality of the odds

For both beginners and experienced players, the size of the odds is the most crucial factor in determining if their betting will be profitable. Generally, wagering on the highest odds will make the winnings of a player higher. Limiting your losses and maximising your returns by choosing high odds is the key to betting. The overall quality of a site’s odds depends on the size of their margin (under round). This means that the lower the margin, the more attractive and higher the odds will be for players. To know which bookmakers offer the highest odds, players should compare the quotes of various bookmakers for a certain event. Additionally, it’s worth taking into consideration that when you are betting, a bookmaker can vary the margin size – and therefore the odd size – on different games and across different sports.

Good mobile betting

Bookmakers with good apps for mobile devices can save players a lot of time when they are searching for markets and placing bets. This is especially important when a player is following a tipster, as odds can drop heavily when they are wasting time looking for the bet they need. Betting apps allow players to stake immediately. Moreover, live streaming features allow players to watch some matches for free on their mobile devices. Some bookmakers also give players exclusive offers when they register at their mobile site.

In-play betting

In-play betting is the process of betting during an event. In-play betting during an event is important because it takes away the need to study stats and form before a match and allows a player to decide what they think is worth wagering on. Players should keep in mind that the bookmaker they will choose for pre-match betting won’t always be the right one for live betting. Usually, live platforms on the websites of different operators can vary significantly, and the same applies to the quality of the odds that they are offering.

Payment methods

Most bookmakers in the UK charge a small fee (if any) for deposits and withdrawals. They also give players the chance to use credit cards, bank transfer, e-Wallets, and more for their transactions. So it’s important to know the exact fee that a bookmaker charges before signing up with the site. Some bookmakers offer fast cashouts with no fee for withdrawals or making deposits. Also, bookmakers charge their customers if they withdraw in a different currency. For instance, if your bookmaker account is in EUR and your e-wallet is in GBP, most bookmakers will charge you a fee.

Bookmaker bonuses

Bookmakers offer bonuses to attract new players and keep existing players. Bonuses offer a great way for players to boost their betting bankroll. However, players should check if the bonuses that a bookmaker is offering will suit their betting needs. Additionally, they should check if it is easy to fulfil the wagering requirement before the deadline. It’s also important to find out if a bookmaker offer promotions for existing and loyal players. This can include loyalty programmes, price boosts and money-back specials. If you are a tennis fan, look for a bookmaker that offers ongoing tennis promotions. Some bookmakers offer their customers hidden bonuses via live chat and email.

Easy navigation and intuitive interface

Once a player has considered all the aforementioned, they should then check the usability of the site. Check if it’s effortless by opening the website on your smartphone or computer. Look for your favourite sport and check the available betting options for the game you want to wager on. Makes sure the pages are loading fast. The navigation and interface should not be confusing since you will be using the site frequently when placing your bets on sports events. As such, if it will cause you problems every time you are trying to find what you want, it will become irritating at some point.

How to find the best bookmakers in Nigeria

Betting markets are rapidly growing in Nigeria. For this reason, it can be challenging to find the right betting site that suits your needs. To make it easy for players who are looking for a reliable betting site, the bookmakers listed here are the best and the worst in the industry. Read the review to find out which one is right for you and which ones you should avoid.


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