The Best Ever! FIFA President Infantino rates Qatar 2022 Group Stage Games


FIFA president, Gianni Infantino has lauded the group stage of the ongoing World Cup as the “best ever”.

The Group stage of the tournament served drama filled matches and entertaining high profile upsets, with Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina being the first of the lot to come.


While Costa Rica also got three points from Japan who had beaten Germany in the same group.

Japan also beat Spain to top the group in a final group game day full of drama with Costa Rica almost changing the tide of all things to knock both Germany and Spain out of the World Cup, were it not for Germany rallying a come back 4-2 victory.

Elsewhere, Morocco topped the group which housed Belgium and Croatia whilst conceding only one goal in the group stage – which was an own goal.

“I have seen all the matches, indeed, and put very simply and very clearly, this has been the best group stage of a FIFA World Cup ever,” Infantino said.

“So, it’s very promising for the remainder of the FIFA World Cup.” “The matches have been of great, great quality in beautiful stadiums – we knew that already.”

“However, as well, the public who was there was incredible. Over 51,000 on average.”


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