Taiwo Awoniyi speaks on Injury and massive season with Nottingham Forest


It was a tough return to the English Premier League for Nottingham Forest, as they almost got sent back to the Championship, despite investing heavily in new signings to help bolster their squad.

At first, it seemed Forest were doomed to fail as they found themselves languishing bottom of the table, but eventually, the quality of the signings they made began to come through.

Their resurgence also coincided with the return to form and full fitness of Taiwo Awoniyi, who was imperious in the decisive stage of the tournament.


Speaking to FL about the season, Awoniyi revealed that he was satisfied with how it ended.

He also shed light on how he was able to deliver 10 goals in a season that restricted him to only 27 league appearances.

“All thanks to God, I feel so good and I feel so proud and I think it’s a campaign I am happy about.”

“Part of the game is injury; this is something you cannot take from it, if it happens you just have to listen to the medical staff which I did, and the most important thing is what you do afterward.”


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