Sylvester Igboun denies NorthEast United Allegations


Former Super Eagles striker Sylvester Igboun, has refuted claims from Indian Super League club, NorthEast United, that he has been unprofessional.

The club released a statement on their media channels, stating how it has been difficult for them to work with the Nigerian striker.

NorthEast United claim Igboun left unannounced, despite having made his debut for the club and all things provided for him even the “unreasonable” demands made by him.

The club also claimed that he refused to train which meant he was not committed to work with the club.

However, Sylvester Igboun has refuted those claims and said the club did not provide the right environment for him to work.

The former Super Eagles player expressed shock at how low the Club’s standard was and felt disappointed with their treatment of any professional footballer.

He revealed that he had to pay for his own accommodation and when he told the club that he was running out of cash to keep paying the hotel bills, the club chairman only said he is a “big player” and would not believe he really does not have enough cash to pay.

He also revealed that at the club, he was asked to share a room with two to three other players.

‘The room was not also in the best condition, as flies made it too uncomfortable for me to live in.

‘NorthEast United also failed to pay me directly and even insisted I send them the list of things I wished to buy and it would be deducted from my wage.’

The Indian Super League club, according to Igboun, have expressed their disappointment over the affair, but they’ve also spread lies and twisted the facts about me and what actually transpired.

‘I have played for big clubs across the world, and none of them had any terrible things to say about my character and professionalism, because I am a thorough professional.’

He also responded to the club’s claim of not turning up for trainings, he said,’ if I had not turned up for training, how then did I get to play for the team?’

Sylvester Igboun on the contractual issues with the ISL club, said he and his agents are working to terminate the contract and hope to get to the end of it soon.

‘We are on it, I want to get that sorted quickly so that I can start playing football again elsewhere.

‘I was excited to join the Indian club, but they had not been true to their words and have not treated me well.’


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