Super Falcons: Ogbonda Whyte warns against Removal of “Older Generation”


Confluence Queens’ coach, Ogbonda Whyte has suggested that the Super Falcons must not make the mistake of axing the Senior players now, as it could prove detrimental to the team.

There have been calls for the Super Falcons Coaches to phase out some players, including Onome Ebi, Rita Chikwelu because of their ages, and be replaced with younger players, but Whyte beleives it’ll be counter productive to the growth of the national team.

“In as much as I want the younger players to get called up, I will not force out the old players,” Whyte told FL.

“They (Senior players) cannot be forced out, they are needed for experience and they can mentor the younger players.

“Allowing them play together for some time will also help the new team members gather valuable experience. We cannot write off the experience of the older players in the team, we can gradually phase the older players out, but ensure to let the young ones learn from them.”


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