Sunshine Queens blame Referees for Aiteo Cup exit

Management of Sunshine Queens of Akure has attributed their exit to the poor handing of the match officials to their early and sudden exit of the Akure based outfit.
Speaking with on Monday, one of the officials of Ondo state outfit who preferes anonymity said:
“Its evident that few football followers admire and cherishes good football artistry,  many have allowed sentiments and personal gains kill the joy that ought to be derived from football matches”
Over the years *Sunshine Queens* have produced quality players many in Europe and some representing Nigeria and other African countries.
What we are known for players Nurturing to stardom unlike other Women Elite teams who believe in established  players to get an instant result.
The match against FC Robo would have shocked many who were not at the Oshogbo township stadium
Completely,  the match officials were against Sunshine Queens for reasons best known to them.Today , it was another not too good officiating.
Its not part of us to criticise match officials especially when we lose because we know there are moments we’ll lose to get a better result next time.What transpired in Enugu today never reflected the efforts of Sunshine Queens FC.
“If the powers that be are out to shut us out at all cost for reasons we do not know there is little we can do but we believe *posterity will judge us all”
Sunshine Queens players gave a good good fight , searched for goals,  but were tactically restricted by match officials and allowed their errors to lead to penalty kicks against us.
“We are a determined side and we wont ever allow distractions.For those who genuinely believes in Us, we wont disappoint you”
“And to those who believe in bringing us down…God will sure fight for us.” He lamented.


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