Success Makanjuola: The Prodigious And Technical Dazzler


Water FC have a reputation for finding hugely talented players, and Success Makanjuola may prove to be one of the best. We put a spotlight on the Nigeria U20 winger.


A lot felt Flying Eagles head coach Paul Aigbogun gambled on the skillful lad by picking him for the 2019 FIFA World Cup in Poland.

Nigeria U20 played out a 1-1 draw with Austrian club, Red Bull Salzburg in the Austrian city of Salzburg on Tuesday evening.

Tricky winger Makanjuola was voted man-of-the-match.

The wonderkid’s real forté is his ability on the ball. This has been apparent in games he has featured for the Flying Eagles and he’s only impressed more and more with his skills. He sometimes shows his lack of experience and physicality, trying to do too much or getting run off the ball, but these creases will iron out.

Makanjuola is nothing if not prodigious. His technical ability is already precocious, but his mentality is something else. Adapting to Aigbogun’s style of play is a learning curve. With such fluid positioning, you have to know when to drop back and when to make runs. Makanjuola plays like he’s been doing it for 5 years. He embraces the fluidity of the Aigbogun managed side by drifting around. This is often dangerous, with darting runs coming down the centre as well as the left wing.

This young Nigerian has something else. Something that goes beyond technical analysis. He has the same spark you see in players that go on to be world class. We’re already getting glimpses of the Makanjuola that the world will come to know. He already has somewhat of a signature play; he’ll fly down the left-hand side of the box, cut in on the edge of play and put in a really threatening cross. Nobody seems to stop him, because he flicks the ball past them and follows it with pace.

This youngster really could be the most exciting man in football. He’s certainly exciting enough to warrant the hype he has generated in the past four weeks.

Makanjuola is already one of the most talked about youngsters in the Flying Eagles squad and we’re only going to hear more and more about him at 2019 FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland.


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