Stop toying with Our Careers! Remo Stars boss Cries


Remo Stars head Coach, Daniel Ogunmodede has been vocal about the lack of direction shown by those running the league.

In a chat with FL Ogunmodede criticized League organizers for the inconsistencies surrounding the football league season.

He described the situation as causing despair for teams; Players and Coaches, as their careers are being toyed with by the Administrators.

“We have been preparing for the league for a very long time; over four, five months now and it has always been one date or the other, so for me not until the league kicks off, then I can say we’ve started the league,” the Remo Stars Coach said.

“As a coach I can only just continue to find a way to keep my players fit, especially the psychological aspect; to keep them fit all the time, to make them know that it’s just about our career.

“Yes, some people are toying with it, let me be sincere with you, but nevertheless we are just ready all the time but it’s difficult.”

The gaffer also revealed that even though a date has been picked for the start of the new league season he is not yet convinced that the league will kickoff successfully.

“On my own part as the coach, I am just getting the boys prepared that anytime it happens it happens, but professionally for me it’s not good. It’s not ethical for me as a professional, even for the players it’s not good, because you can’t keep the professional players for so long with competition.

“There is no behavioral pattern, no plan, this is not done I am not comfortable with it, but what I don’t have control over, I can’t do anything about.”

January 8th, 2023 has been picked for the start of the new NPFL season, with the draw set to go down, 28th of December.


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