Still Don’t Get My Regards! Is Onuachu underrated?


Paul Onuachu may not be a big hip hop music fan, but the Forward’s career represents something as bangin’ as Dr. Dre’s beat in “Still D.R.E”; a song that announced to fans of the genre that the Ace producer and Rap legend was still relevant.

Much like that great come back act in 1999, Onuachu is doing something similar with his career in the Jupiler League this season.

Following back to back seasons where he hit double digits and won multiple individual awards including the League title, the Nigerian was tipped to move on to big things, however it never materialize.

Suitors were left disappointed with KRC Genk’s hard stance on the Forward’s asking price and negotiations never seemed to go pass the initial offer stages.

Left disgruntled but humble still, Onuachu didn’t go against the Club nor try to force a move.

His disappointment soon turned to a near depressing period when he suffered an injury in the thick of the transfer window, ending any hopes of a last minute deal.

The 28 year-old missed a couple of pre-season games and his recovery coincided with the resumption of the new league season.

Onuachu was on his way back from an abductor injury and missed the first couple of league games.

Subsequently, his first appearance of the season was a 17 minutes cameo and he was a shadow of himself, failing to register an attempt on goal.

Fifty-four minutes into the season and four games played, it seemed the Forward was washed up and there already talks of a decline.

In his three seasons prior he had scored 63 goals in 95 appearances, reaching double figures in back to back campaigns.

Certainly, the Forward still had a lot more to prove, whereas he has commanded very little respect and derided for his atypical style of play.

Doubts about his actual ball playing abilities and whether he can contribute to the team’s overall play have been some of the sticking points in the argument over the 2,01 meter tall Forward.

However, what he does he excels at – goal scoring – he does effortlessly and with precision.

Paul Onuachu got his first goal of the season in the 3-1 win against KV Oostende in October and has since gone on to net 11 more times sending him to the top of the scorers’ chart in the Jupiler League.

Like Dr. Dre said, “I frequent the spots that I’m known to rock”, and this is familiar territory for Onuachu.

Eventually, he would get his flowers, but there’s still the rest of the season for him to carry KRC Genk through – or he’ll just ride with whatever comes.


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