Stanley Eguma reveals Rivers United’s ordeal in Libya


Rivers United coach, Stanley Eguma has revealed the team’s ordeal at the hands of Al Nasr fans before their CAF Confederation Cup match on Wednesday.

It was reported that Rivers united were subjected to attacks from the fans of the home side.

They were also, allegedly, harassed while they tried to go on the pitch to warm up.

Reports of all sorts of antics by the Libyan fans was awash on social media prior to kick off.

Eguma, however, said the resilience of his team was the biggest factor that allowed them to get the most out of the match.

The coach said, after the match that, “It was a good and highly contested game,” Eguma said.

“The Libyans prepared very hard to see if they can turn the result in their favour but unfortunately, they met a resilient team, we prepared very well and my players were very focused.

“Since we landed in Benghazi, it has been hell because the Libyans kept attacking us, distracting us and doing a lot of things to make us lose focus.

“Today (Wednesday) they still attacked us, they don’t even allow us to warm up and there was a lot of pandemonium before the game started.

“But we have a very good and disciplined side, we managed to put ourselves together, knowing full well that the pride of the country is at stake and the players rose to the occasion.

“Despite all the intimidation, we had the game under control and it was a good result for us.

“The team has done well but there is a lot of work ahead to be done because in the next stage we are going to meet teams that have done very well also, so it’s going to be tough”


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