Slot Buying! Agbim Frustrated after Kwara United’s takeover of Delta Force


The NPFL is fraught with consistent abnormalities; season after season, but most are backed by the framework and regulations of the League i.e Clubs selling slots in and out of professional football league.

One man who is obviously not pleased with the practise – demotion in his case – is Chigozie Agbim.

Agbim enjoyed a spell of appearances in the Super Eagles jersey and earned 14 caps between 2012 and 2014, but he has since fall off the perch, clinging on top NPFL football in search of prominence again.


However, even that has been taken away by a system he claims is “difficult” to comprehend.


Agbim and his Delta Force teammates gained promotion to the NPFL last season via the buying of slots – Kada City’s slot.


This season, the club’s management is cashing in, selling their NPFL slot to Kwara United, who currently play in the NNL.


The complicated provisions of the Framework allows the takeover of clubs by new owners in terms of slot buying, but Agbim is shocked by the concept.


“I think it is a difficult situation, no player will feel good dropping from the NPFL to the NNL, no player will be happy,” Agbim told


“It’s a difficult decision to accept; after playing some matches all of a sudden you find yourself in the NNL, the lower division, it’s very difficult,”


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