SIX SLOTS REMAINING FOR NEXT EUROPEAN TOUR! -Buruj Boys To Play Friendly Games Against The Youth Teams Of EPL Clubs


As registration of players for the next European tour by Buruj Sports Academy is gathering momentum, the management have confirmed that only slot for six players comprising of a left back, a right back, two central defenders and two strikers are remaining to complete the squad.

Following their recent exploit in England at the English Super Cup, windows of opportunity have opened in some top football playing inTurkey, Italy, Spain and of course England where they are expected to play against the youth sides of some EPL clubs.

The friendly games against the selected EPL teams is being organized by Team Tours Direct and there will be prospect of trials for some of the players who may excel to attract the nod of scouts and agents on ground.

To put registered players in good shape, friendly games will organised by the technical department of the Ikorodu-based academy.

The contingent to the United Kingdom for the English Super Cup are due back in the country any moment for now to join the players in camp for preparations for the upcoming trip


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