Siasia Opens Up on Life Since FIFA Ban, Speaks on NFF’s Neglect


Samson Siasia has admitted that life without football has really been difficult, as his passion was taken away from him.

Siasia is currently serving a five-year ban which ends next year and the former Super Eagles gaffer revealed to FL, that the most painful part was FIFA had no proper explanation to why he was banned.

“It has been hell; this is what I know how to do, this what I love to do, and they just took it away from me not explaining why they did what they did to me because they couldn’t prove I did what they are accusing me of.

“If I was guilty, it would have been a different case and the punishment has to be served, but they cannot even prove I did any thing, that’s the annoying part of it. That’s why I am trying to see if I can get compensation for the five years they banned me.”

The 55 year-old also revealed that asides from friends, nobody from the Nigerian Football Federation or the Government offered any form of support, claiming that as soon as he left the system he was abandoned.

“The football Federation? Nobody is helping. Among my friends, like two other people have been helping me.

“Forget about the Nigerian Football Federation, they don’t even know where I live, how I fared or how I have been feeding myself up till now.

“The government? Nothing. You just have to take care of yourself. You know how Nigeria is, as soon as you’re out of the system the system leaves you too. So, it’s okay. I have friends that have been taking care of me and I appreciate what they have been doing, so it’s okay, next year I will be back again,” he concluded.


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