Sergio Ramos Touches Mohamed Salah On The Shoulder During Champions League Draw


WE LITERALLY screamed when we saw the seating arrangement because we would have been that mischievous too.
Don’t say you didn’t notice it wasn’t by coincidence that Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos was sat right behind Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, just months after the Egyptian King was forced off in the Champions League final because of a shoulder injury.
Oh, and he also touched Mohamed Salah’s shoulder as he went to sit down. You can’t make this up!

Ramos had to awkwardly sit behind Mohamed Salah at the Champions League draw ceremony in Monaco in what is the first meeting since their encounter in last season’s final.
OK…for the background story.
The Real Madrid controversially injured the Egyptian star in Kiev which outraged Liverpool fans across the world as Salah tearfully trudged off the pitch.
Salah and Ramos locked arms when fighting for the ball when Ramos appeared to drag the forward down to the ground.
Salah did manage to play on after the injury but was eventually substituted off by Jurgen Klopp.
Ramos issued a message to Salah following the final, saying: “Sometimes football shows you it’s good side and other times the bad. Above all, we are fellow pros. #GetWellSoon”.
But that wasn’t enough for many. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp likened Ramos’ actions to a wrestling move.
“Of course it was a big moment in the game,” he said. “I know if you say something like that after a game you lost, it sounds like you are a little bit a bad loser but it was, for me, kind of a harsh challenge.
“It’s like wrestling a little bit and it’s unlucky then that Mo


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