See What Chelsea Boss Maurizio Sarri Resorted To When He Could Not Smoke His Cigarettes


Chelsea may have made an impressive start to their ​Premier League campaign on Saturday, but their manager Maurizio Sarri looked rather less comfortable than befitted ​his side’s 3-0 away win over Huddersfield Town.

With football grounds across the country strictly smoke-free since the 2007 smoking ban, Sarri could be seen nervously clutching his pack of cigarettes and even CHEWING on the butts throughout the match.

Sarri is perhaps best-known among fans in England for his smoking, having been regularly seen enjoying a puff by the side of the pitch during his time in Serie A

It’s not as if Chelsea have never had a manager who smokes before. Carlo Ancelotti enjoys firing one up. Other current and former Premier League managers, like Jurgen Klopp, Sam Allardyce and Arsene Wenger (when he was younger) also indulged.

But Maurizio Sarri takes it to another level. He’s a chain smoker who may go through up to five packs a day.

He was even given a special smoking room when when Napoli travelled to play Leipzig in the Europa League last season, with the German club even turning off the smoke detectors in the room.

Chelsea officials have been tasked with finding their new manager a smoking area at Stamford Bridge so he cansatisfy his craving on a matchday, according to The Mirror.


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