Rotherham Manager Baffled by Onyedinma’s Controversial Red Card


Rotherham United’s manager, Matt Taylor, found himself perplexed by a contentious red card shown to Nigerian midfielder, Fred Onyedinma during their 2-2 draw against Blackburn Rovers on Saturday.

The incident unfolded shortly after Onyedinma had contributed to doubling Rotherham’s lead in the second half of the Championship encounter.



However, the situation took an unexpected turn as the referee, Bobby Madley, issued two yellow cards to Onyedinma in rapid succession, leading to his ejection from the match.

The swift and perplexing decision by the referee drew disapproval from the home crowd and left Taylor himself visibly frustrated, as evidenced by his action of kicking a bottle in response to the turn of events.

This pivotal moment in the game drastically altered its course, ultimately resulting in Rotherham United having to settle for a draw against Blackburn Rovers.

“The first yellow is my biggest frustration. We go 2-0 up, it’s Fred’s first goal and there is emotion. He gets pushed into the crowd by his team-mates celebrating,” Taylor said.

“Football is going in a strange direction right now. I know they are trying to make it a better product, but I would argue that it isn’t right now.”

“I thought we went through every emotion known to man. We went from jubilation and then a few minutes later Fred gets sent off. At least we got something out of the game.

“I have not enjoyed the first two games of the season. I have seen a whole host of yellow cards for very little.”


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