Remo Stars proprietor Kunle Soname suggests private premier league for Nigeria.


President and proprietor of Nigeria National League side Remo Stars Kunle Soname has stated that if the current crisis rocking the league in Nigeria continues it will only be fair if privately owned clubs can create and start a league that will be financially viable and attractive enough to give the LMC organized league a run for their money.

Speaking on the backdrop of the ongoing uncertainty about the NNL Super 8 and the number of teams that will eventually get promoted to the NPFL 2018/2019 abridged league, Soname stated that plans are not yet on the table but with the ongoing situation, it might just be time to start the discussion.

He said. “In the works no, but do I foresee it yes. And to be quite honest, I think that is what will repair this league and Nigerian football. When serious minded private individuals do a very competitive league that is attractive to people. I think if that is done it will rub off on the NPFL and they will get serious.”

The proprietor of Remo Stars also said it will only be ideal if 8 team’s from the NNL gets promoted or the LMC calls back the team’s to conclude the 2017/2018 NPFL teams and relegate the stipulated number of teams. “On Solutions, Promote 8 teams, play 14 teams in an abridge format, or even 7 teams in four places. Just know that we’re making sacrifice for our league if that cannot be done, then call all NPFL teams back and continue the league then relegate 4 teams”


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