Referees Flipped Credit Card Instead Of Coin In Arsenal Vs PSG


Arsenal continue their preparations for the new campaign against French champions PSG in Singapore.

It means Unai Emery faces a reunion with his former club as his players continue to work towards their Premier League opener with Man City.

The clash in Singapore is the latest in the International Champions Cup, with huge names from across the world facing off.

And ahead of Arsenal’s encounter with PSG, there was an incredible bizarre moment as the two teams prepared for kick-off.

Skippers Mesut Ozil and Adrien Rabiot shook hands and waited for the usual coin toss – except no coin emerged.

Instead, a tournament official pulled out a credit card and flipped that instead.

Your question must be- “Did the referee forget to take a coin?”

There was a reason behind the madness. The International Champions Cup is sponsored by Union Pay International, who opted to jump on the opportunity to show off their credit card.


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