Raja Casablanca of Morocco game plan works for them – Samson Siaisa


Raja Casablanca of Morocco came with a formidable game plan, which actually worked for them.

They had good possession of the ball, as such when launching an attack the moved as a unit which made it difficult for the Enyimba have a firm defence area .

The opponent had lots of open chances lost which would increased the scoreline especially in the second half against Enyimba Fc.

Enyimba boys from what i saw did not adhere to playing instructions as required of them to follow which was instrumental to their own defeat.

They kept a single pattern which was the long kicks and passes , they did not vary different patterns while playing, their attack was poor which the Moroccans used as an advantage over them.

It is painful, they lost at home due to their own negligence but not withstanding there is still hope for redemption in the second leg.

All they need to do is plan properly ,without the right plan they can’t yield the expected result.

Sometimes in the field of play you have to go fast by acceleration , sometimes you have to be calm and take it on the slow lane .

All the need to do is to be tactical with their techniques, by creating go chances such as creating free kicks around their 18 yard box, good ball possession which that can bring in good number of goals.

Giving up is not an option now for the Enyimba team, they have to go back for the return leg in Morocco with a good game plan, with great enthusiasm and with the mind of going to win.

With regards to the qualifying series of the AFCON Nigeria against Libya .

The former U 20 coach said, the Libyans should not underrated but should be taking with so much seriousness.

Libya is out to make a mark so is Nigeria , playing against Libya is not going to be an easy match.

Yes the Super Eagles did well in the world Cup but it’s not a yard stick to measure up their home match against Libya because they don’t know them as such in the field of play.

But, one of the measures the Super Eagles can apply is know the strength,weakness and tactics of the Libyans because you can’t go into battle without understanding how your enemy operates or else u fall into the bull’s chart.

Former Super Eagles coach concluded by saying knowing the Libyan play strategies will keep us a step ahead of them.


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