Premier League Returns During the Pandemic


With passionate fans all over the world, the Premier League has become a much-awaited sporting event every year. From keeping up with the latest football news, live scores, and placing bets, fan participation goes above and beyond when it comes to this sport.

In fact, there are even sites like Protipster dedicated to informing avid fans expert tips and predictions on upcoming matches.


With the Premier League taking place between August and May, the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic has put a major setback on the entire season. Over 380 matches scheduled have been canceled or postponed.


Luckily, the waiting is over as it has been announced that Premier League returns this month. While fans are looking forward to catching their favorite clubs’ returns, many are curious about how upcoming events are going to be handled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s all you need to know about the Premier League’s return.


Given the gravity of the world’s situation, it is necessary for participants in every match to adhere to health and safety protocols. Here is the solution the Premier League has implemented for the upcoming season.

Undergo Regular Screening

Players, coaches, and essential staff will be thoroughly screened and undergo temperature checks every time they enter the stadium.


Usage of Clinical Passports

To lessen human contact, all participants will present clinical passports, a barcode that’s been printed or stored on their phones. The barcode will be used to verify each person’s COVID-19 status.


Number of People Will Be Controlled

Another effective safety protocol to be implemented in the upcoming games is having a controlled number of people inside the stadium. Only 300 individuals will be permitted in each game.


Clubs Will Use Two Coaches

When it comes to moving safely from point A to B, clubs are encouraged to take flights. If clubs need to take coaches, they need to double up their transportation to keep all players at a two-meter distance from each other. Additionally, coach drivers are included also in the COVID-19 testing program.


Media Broadcasts Will Be Limited

With the limited amount of individuals permitted to attend the match onsite, interviews, and broadcast media access to the game will be limited. Only a handful of media companies will be permitted to operate, outdoors, and at a safe distance. To follow social distancing regulations, press conferences will possibly be held via video conference.


Overnight Stays Are Strictly Regulated

While the Premier League asks for the athletes to avoid staying in hotels. While the government has made an exemption for participants to stay in hotels, only urgent circumstances will be permitted to stay overnight.


A Quick Summary

With the Premier League season nearing the organization has had to find solutions and implement strict guidelines to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Although many avid fans aren’t going to enjoy the game live in action, it is necessary to stay in your own safe space to stay healthy. At a time where the whole world is fighting one fight, such guidelines need to be followed and implemented with great diligence.




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