Pochettino Not Ruling Out Chelsea Exit


Mauricio Pochettino’s return to North London as Chelsea’s manager raised eyebrows, but the Argentine tactician isn’t ruling out a potential future return to his former club, Tottenham.

Despite his tumultuous exit from Spurs in 2019, Pochettino hinted at the prospect of managing Tottenham again someday.

He noted that in the unpredictable world of football, anything is possible, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the present moment and not dwelling too much on the future.

While speaking about potentially returning to Argentina, Pochettino expressed that he hopes to stay at Chelsea for a long time but acknowledges that the unpredictable nature of football could lead to unforeseen opportunities.

The Argentine’s tenure at Tottenham ended abruptly, without the chance to bid farewell.

However, as he adapts to life at Chelsea, he aims to achieve a similar level of success that he experienced during his time at Spurs.

The 51 year-old joined Chelsea on a two-year contract with the possibility of a one-year extension.


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