Pinnick Panics Over Supporters Club Feud


Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) president, Melvin Amaju Pinnick is in a state of panic, as he has confessed that he is worried over the long-drawn feud that has torn the country’s national teams’ supporters club into fratricidal factions.

With the World Cup looming large, Pinnick is worried how the club would gather to cheer the Super Eagles to glory, but ay he cannot take sides in the mater.~

Pinnick said the NFF will have to weigh options available to it, as long as the various groups are not supporting a rival team and are throwing their full weight behind the Eagles in Russia.

He argued that even top clubs around the world have various groups supporting them, but is worried that the Eagles are most likely to be cheered on at the World Cup by two warring factions of the supporters club.

Pinnick admitted the fans club are divided by irreconcilable differences, with one faction is led by Rafiu Ladipo, while the other group is behind Vincent Okumagba, and both want to be in Russia.

“The supporters club is divided by irreconcilable differences. I cannot take sides in this problem,” said Pinnick, while hoping that the warring factions could be united before the World Cup.


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