Penalties are not for the faint-hearted – Julius Aghahowa


Former Super Eagles striker, Julius Aghahowa has revealed that during his playing days, he never took penalties.

Aghahowa revealed that he is not the type of player to go after penalty duties. He said only players who are mentally strong really go to the penalty spot to take them.

The former Nigerian forward explained that penalties are dicey and could swing any way.

He also explained that penalty situations often turn so many players into villains; the ones who jeopardized the team’s chances of winning.

‘It’s easy to become the Villain if you miss a spot kick. The Player who misses will get the rap, not the team.

‘So as to not fail my family members and those who love me, I did not want to take a chance at disappointing them and so I’d rather work hard to score from open play,’ Aghahowa said.


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