Paul Pogba Explains Why He Had No Fancy Haircut At The World Cup


France international and Manchester United star Paul Pogba has revealed on Instagram why he chose not to dye his hair at this summer’s World Cup.

A fan put the question to Pogba during an Instagram question and answer session where he said: “Because I wanted peace to be only focus on my performance and not my look so there is no excuse they could only criticise the football part.”

Referring to his critics, Pogba has been previously hammered by the media and pundits alike for sporting the flamboyant and sometimes bizarre haircuts.

Garth Crooks has been outspoken in his condemnation of the players’ style, rather than focusing on his performance.

“I have no time for his hairstyles and even less time for the dancing exhibitions. They are for beauty parlours and catwalks,” Crooks said, “What I do enjoy, though, is a footballer who can produce moments of magic with a football at his feet.”

Pogba has clearly decided that he no longer wants to give his critics ammunition and that he wants to be judged on his football.

During his time at Juventus and Manchester United Pogba has had numerous styles, including leopard print, musical notes, the word ‘dab’, and the batman symbol.

While currently on holiday, Pogba has had a great summer at this year’s World Cup, holding down midfield alongside Kanté in six out of seven games for Les Bleus.

Pogba is expected to regroup with United later this week.


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