Our Ultimate Goal is for Nigeria Referees to officiate in world cup – Otunba Tade Azeez.


The president of Nigeria Refrees Association Otunba Tande Azeez spoke to www.footballive.ng in Ahlan pre season Tournament in kano yesterday about the progress of Nigeria so far in world football.

The Lagos state vice chairman and also the president of Nigeria Referees register his admiration about the new dawn in Nigeria Referees. According to the soft spoken football administrator

The referees did very well and also the impression portrayed by referees in this test going on in kano shows that they have always being training and that has played out in the cause of the test.

Quite a large numbers of them did very well in the test, which shows they are ready at anytime to be called upon.

Regards up rise of Nigerian in Elite continents, If you recollect two years ago, in an interview i had with you, i told you kola Daniel then it was a new beginning for Nigerian referees, which the involvement of Nigerian referees in prestigious tournaments in Africa, today is the result of that new dawn i spoke about.

The ultimate goal is for Nigeria Referees to participate in the World Cup, and we are strongly determined to achieving that set goal.

We are just starting, we are working hard to put them where they are expected to be, i expect they will do much better than present performances so far.

Its quite unfortunate we don’t have a representative in the Elite A camp ,we are having high hopes that in this season we might possibly get one.

Right now, the Nigerian referees i will say , they are work in progress ,which i believe one day Nigerian referees will nominated to officiate prestigious competition like the AFCON and world cup.


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