Otegbeye Begs Sunshine Stars To Pay Up His Fees


Sunshine Stars of Akure striker, Ajibola Otegbeye has sent an appeal to The Owena Waves’ management to kindly pay up his loan fee and some salaries from last season, before he commits himself to the Ondo State-owned club this year, footballlive.ng reports.

Although he refuted reports that he had already signed ahead of this season with Plateau United of Jos, Otegbeye stressed that he will not commit himself to Sunshine unless they formalize talks with him.

Otegbeye went on to stress that he is currently free to join any club that pay him, as he has not signed for either Sunshine Stars or Plateau United.

Otegbeye, who started last season with Akwa United of Uyo, but left in mid-season, after injuries troubled him, played the remaining part of the campaign for Sunshine Stars.

However, while acknowledging that he would love to continue with The Akure Arsenal, Oyegbeye stressed that he wants the officials to pay up for his loan fee to enable him to cater for himself and his family.

Otegbeye, who has previously also played for Shooting Stars and ABS FC of Ilorin said: “I am aware of interest from Plateau United but we have not discussed.

“My contract expired with Sunshine Stars since October last year and it is yet to be renewed.

“Sunshine Stars are yet to pay me last season’s contract fee and they want me to sign another one without paying me the previous one.

“I am pleading to Sunshine Stars management to please pay me my contract fee for last season because I heard others have received theirs.

“I am owed last season’s loan fee and some months’ salaries. The loan fee is the most important if they want me to sign a new contract.

“I am very much available for Sunshine Stars as soon as they are ready to do what is right but if they are not, I think I will take the matter up.”


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