Option avalaible Gave Lobi Stars The League : Alhaji Shehu Dikko


Speaking to NSM platforms is the chairman of the LCM giving reasons on how Lobi stars emerged winner of the NPFL before the closure of the date.

The league was declared concluded for the reasons stated in our public notice and thus Lobi Stars that are on top of the NPFL table are to represent Nigeria at the CAF champions League

If you look at the league history from the start to Match Day 24 and check out Lobi stars records and statistics you can say they are worth been crowned the 2018 NPFL winners.

Five critical options were provided and deliberated and voted upon and at the end of the day it was unanimously agreed to take the option that was taken for several compelling reasons advanced.

Which were as follows :

1. Continue to play the league and at the end of the time CAF authorizes we then stop and whoever is on top will be submitted to CAF and a play off organize for relegation..

2. Play four games and stop the league and organize playoffs for both relegation and winner but with less teams.

3. Play six matches and Stop the league and organize Playoff to determine winner and relegation.

4. Stop the league at week 24 and either organize a 10 team play off or declare the top team to represent Nigeria and no relegation..

5. Group the teams at neutral venues close by and they played all the outstanding matches every two days until they finished all the matches

After stating the critical options giving Every club was given right to make it comments and suggestion before its was agreed that is the way preferred.

Voting was conducted to have a free and equitable resolution concerning the option picked in which the voting was transparent and unanimous.

Number 4 option was accepted by all clubs but without the play off.

Our public notice is very clear on this matter and honestly if the league voted to be declared concluded at week 24 so the top team has to be accorded all respect and honor as necessary since they earn to be at the top as at week 24.


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