Online Entertainment Hub 10bet Set to Sponsor 6 African Sport Teams


Recently, an online entertainment service, 10bet has announced that they will be sponsoring six African sports teams. Of course, this is great news for the teams which have been selected, and there is no doubt that this new sponsorship will be highly beneficial for each and every one of the teams.


However, for the dedicated sports fans of Africa, this new sponsorship deal may actually mean much more than just extra funding for a few clubs, and that is what we are going to be discussing in this article.


In this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about the new 10bet sponsorship including which teams have been selected and how it will benefit each, as well as stating the reasons why this sponsorship means so much to African sports fans everywhere.

Which Teams Has 10bet Chosen to Sponsor, & Why?

As you can already tell from the title, there are six teams who were selected for the 10bet Zambia sponsorship. Those are Dodoma Jiji FC, Kenya’s Talanta FC, Enyimba (Nigeria), Aduana Stars (Ghana), Red Arrows (Zambia) and Daring Club Motema Pembe.


Of course, there are so many other teams out there that are more than worthy of sponsorship, but the aforementioned teams were the ones that 10bet was the most keen to support and grow.


Every single one of the selected teams is going to benefit enormously from this new sponsorship, and the number of options they now have available to them are now seemingly endless.


With this new support and funding, all of the teams that were chosen by 10bet will be able to improve their clubs in a variety of ways. For example, more funding will allow them to get better training equipment to further increase the skills of all their players. Alternatively, with all of this extra support, all of the teams will be able to allocate much more funding to advertising and awareness, drawing in more fans to watch them play and boosting their popularity as a whole.

Although, even though all of the previously mentioned teams now have access to more funding and support, there is no guarantee that any of them will become more successful.


In reality, the factor that will determine how well each of the teams will be able to utilize this support is good management, and if the new advantages these teams have access to go to waste, then no amount of support or funding could help.


How This New Sponsorship Will Positively Affect The Sports Industry

Not only is this whole ordeal great news for the teams in question, but it is also amazing news for the sports Industry of Zambia as a whole.


This sponsorship will give all of the aforementioned teams more funding and support, meaning they have more options when it comes to marketing events, training, and a plethora of other aspects. This means that future events have the possibility of being much bigger, attracting a wide array of new onlookers and supporters.


Furthermore, this recent move by 10bet Africa may also encourage other companies to invest in more spectator sports, causing huge growth within the sports sector and allowing the Zambian sports industry to thrive.


Of course, we are not saying that this one event alone is going to cause the Zambian economy to grow. However, it is certainly possible that this ordeal could cause a knock-on effect and encourage other companies to get involved too.


Furthermore, it’s no secret that the economy of Zambia is set for growth, and this is just adding more fuel to the fire that could incentivise new businesses to support Zambia and help grow the sports industry even further.


After reading this article, it becomes easy to see why the new 10bet sponsorship ordeal has the potential to be such a big deal within the Zambian sports industry as a whole.


There is no saying how much of an impact this will have in the long run, and it is certainly a possibility that other companies will look at this situation and be inspired to sponsor a team themselves, leading to the rapid progression of the Zambian sports industry as well as potentially improving the economy of Zambia as a whole.


We are looking forward to watching each of the teams to see how they manage to utilize this new sponsorship, and we will also be keeping a keen eye to see if any companies happen to follow in 10bet’s footsteps.



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