Omini: Camping in Nanka has helped Abia Warriors


Abia Warriors defender Somtochukwu Omini claims Nanka camping has helped team bonding.

Omini believes the Umuahia Warriors’ short stay at Nanka for pre-season camping has helped the team bond of the side.

The player signed from Ikorodu United has been a part of the team’s pre-season training activities

“Our pre-season training activities have been very good for the players,” Omini told

“I think the change of environment has helped the squad.

“We had a good friendly atmosphere in camp and we are working very hard to be ready for the coming season. I strongly believe our short stay in Nanka has helped us recharge our batteries and allowed our team friendship and bond to grow.

“We are talking to each other more as individuals and colleagues and that augurs well for our team spirit.”

The defender is also confident he can help the side when the season begins.

“Why not? I wouldn’t be here if I don’t believe I can help the team,” Omimo said.

“I have been here for only a short time but I am very confident I will play a key role for Abia Warriors when the season begins. We are a team and every member of the team is important.”


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