Omaka: Sunshine Stars aiming to beat dreaded relegation


Sunshine Stars sit in 18th place in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) table and are in the relegation zone.

According to utility player Anthony Omaka, the competition in the league is high but the Owena Whales are aiming to move away from the dreaded relegation zone.

“The strength of the league is at premium level. You can’t really predict outcome of games. For us at Sunshine Stars we want to move away from the relegation zone as soon as possible,” Omaka told

“We want to cement ourselves as a top-10 team, and the coach and everyone else is working so hard to make that a reality.

“We’ve had some difficult periods, but in terms of consistency, training discipline, structure and mentality, we have a sound technical crew and there are exciting times ahead.

“Henry Abiodun is a fantastic manager. He’s got a wealth of experience.”

The former COD United man believes the fans have every right to express their disappointment at the club’s current form but says that the team will get better.

“People are entitled to their opinion because they come along and support the team,” he said.

“Sometimes it can be a bit fierce, but that’s the industry we are in, and we’re just trying to communicate that we’re trying all we can to get more points as possible.

“We’ve got the same goals as the fans.”


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