Olowookere Reveals Naija Ratels’ Dressing Room Excitement over Ebi Signing


Head coach of Naija Ratels, Bankole Olowookere has described the signing of Onome Ebi’s signing as a huge motivation for the dressing room.

Olowookere revealed that the players are excited to have the veteran in the locker room as a teammate; a big inspiration for the younger girls.

He also described Ebi’s decision to join the team as humbling.

“The news, to the girls, has been encouraging, and for her it’s about the simplicity and humility for her to be able to come down to Naija Ratels.

“And then again, it is going to be a source of moral booster for the ladies in the team, for them to be able to see someone they have been seeing all their lives on TV or probably when they were in secondary school, for them to have the opportunity of training with her.

“It is going to be a morale booster and if they can tap from her wealth of experience, I think it would go a long way for them.”

“We will try to blend her experience and the youthful strength in the team to achieve big things during the season,” the gaffer told FL.


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