Olayinka receives 80+ FIFA Ranking


Super Eagles Forward Peter Olayinka received his FIFA 22 rating after making the team of the week fur his performance for Czech Slavia Prague.

Olayinka was asked to guess his FIFA rating card scores for his Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defense and Physics.

He guessed 85 for his pace but got a 90 rating for pace, he then guessed 81 for his shooting but got a 75 rating instead, he was obviously disappointed with his passing as he guessed 86/87 but got a passing rating of 76.

The Nigeria international, however, got his dribbling rating, 80. But he then disagreed with his defensive rating of 63 as he expected 75, claiming he defends good.

For his physic he got better than his guess, a rating of 84 even when he guessed 79.

He was just two short of his overall rating of 81 as the Nigerian expected 83.

Olayinka has enjoyed a good start with Slavia Prague, scoring 4 goals in 8 League matches, providing 2 assists and is well on track to equal and even better his previous consecutive record of 6 goals and 4 assist in 24 games for the club.


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