Ogu defends Troost-Ekong over claims by Coaches and NFF officials Super Eagles teammate is “disruptive”


Super Eagles midfielder John Ogu has shut down allegations, thrown up purportedly by some anonymous NFF and Eagles Coaching backroom staff, about teammate William Troost-Ekong as an unruly, dissenting character in camp.

Ogu responded, in a twitter thread, denying all the allegations put up by BBC WF Reporter Osasuo Obayiuwana.


Per Obayiuwana, As I promised, I begin my thread on @Udinese_1896’s @WTroostEkong and the defender’s future in the @NGSuperEagles, after the #AFCON2019 in Egypt…



Hours later, Ogu responded to the thread:

How people come up and talk negative about a very decent and loyal player like
@WTroostEkong baffles me . This boy is one of the very respectable player in the
@NGSuperEagles @thenff . A loyal servant and a guy who always want to learn and be the best ..


When it comes to news about the @NGSuperEagles and @thenff ,i promise to use my platform to address it. I don’t care what y’all think about it all . @WTroostEkong was never and will never do what he was accused of. This boy wants to be the best and win games for our Nation.


I respect you Mr @osasuo and I won’t say much but please could you please come up with whoever accused an innocent boy of all you tweeted. @WTroostEkong is one loyal guy and a guy who always will focused on his job . He has never disrespected anyone in the team or the officials.


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