Offor Slams Sporting Lagos Fans


Sporting Lagos coach, Paul Offor has expressed his frustration with the club’s fans, criticizing them for turning against the team after Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Heartland FC in their Nigeria Premier Football League match.

Offor emphasized that for the league to grow, fans need to understand that not every match will yield the desired results and that their support should remain consistent.

“We are not happy about the result but one thing I know is nobody wants to win this game more than the players,” the Sporting Lagos Coach said.

“I appreciate their efforts. We have to keep our heads high and get ready for the next game against Sunshine Stars.

“We are clamouring for a league where teams can go away and pick points and when teams come to your home and pick points. We want to create a free and fair league where anybody can pick points.

“They came here and picked a point, we too should be ready to go away and pick points. That is the league we are clamouring for but unfortunately, it seems we are not ready.”

“We want this league to be competitive. It happened here today, tomorrow it can be against Remo or Akwa.

“Today it’s against Sporting Lagos. The fans should appreciate the players and what the league is trying to do, we are not ready for growth if the fans turn against the players and coaches when the result is not going in your favour.”

The game ended 1-1 after Jonathan Alukwu scored late in stoppage time to pick up a point against his former club from the dead.


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