Obaroakpo points improved officiating as highlight of the NPFL in 2019


Home based Super Eagles player Austin Obaroakpo has stated that improved officiating in the top tier league in the year 2019 is the most significant thing that happened to the NPFL in the year under review.

Obaroakpo speaking in a chat with www.brila.net said the league has been good in the hear 2019 and urge the match officials to continue to be upright and fair in the handling of games in the league. He also added that the improvement in officiating will also add meaning and credibility to the league.
“Definitely 2019 is a superb year in the league where the referees became so upright in their officiating and what I expect in the coming year 2020 is that they should do more because their officiating will really give a lot of meaning to the league whereby the home team will not have any advantage that we must win home with referees help.”


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