NPFL Players Storm Jos Ahead Of Planned Protest Against Crisis Rocking The Nation’s Football Body


Some players of Club in the NPFL seem to have finalized plans to hold a protest in Jos against the prolonged absent of league football due to a power tussle at the NFF Glass House, Abuja.

A few players who spoke exclusively to said they were definitely going to storm Jos this weekend if the issues had not been resolved before then in protest against the delayed kick-off of the NPFL due to the crisis within the Glass House.

Speaking further one of the players who has played nineteen season in the NPFL said, “I see myself as a true Ambassador of the NPFL having played nineteen seasons in the league so I know what it takes for the league to be at a standstill. It means we do not get travel allowances, match bonuses, matchday feeding allowance and the feat of hysteria enjoyed by the fans.

They went on to say they were all battle ready to express their
displeasure in Jos over the crisis rocking Nigerian Football this weekend especially since the battle is not one with the player’s interest at heart but simply for the selfish interest of certain individuals.

One of the player in a final plea to the two fractions said, “I am using this medium to intimate the Two parties to Save Lives, Save Lives, Save Lives. Our kids will resume school September and only our salaries won’t be enough so we need other allowances such as our travel allowances, match bonuses to augment some of those expenses and look after our Families.


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