No redemption for Dessers, Cremonese in the Serie A


Cremonese lost their third Serie A game as they fell 2-1 at home to Torino on Saturday.

The goals continue to evade Cyriel Dessers and his strike partner David Okereke also came up short.
So far this season the team has managed to score only three goals, but have shipped in double that number.
They were not favorites on the day and true to form were behind inside the 17th minute, Nicola Vlasic credited with the goal which was bundled in by the Cremonese captain Matteo Bianchetti.
Ola Aina was involved in the move as he beat his marker inside the box to hit a cut-back cross, and two touches later Torino were ahead.
The game produced another goal, but in the second half when Nemanja Radonjic hit one from close range in the 65th minute.
In the 80th minute Dessers knocked down the ball for teammate Leonardo Sernicola, who curled home from inside the box to reduce the deficit.
The scoreline would eventually stay the same until the final blast of the whistle and the newly promoted Cremonese will remain a spot above 20th place in the Serie A table.


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