No biennial FIFA World Cup plans yet – Infantino



FIFA President Gianni Infantino has debunked reports that the world governing body has approved a biennial World Cup for both the Men and Women’s tournament.

Speaking at the 72nd FIFA congress held in Qatar, Infantino said the proposal for a biennial tournament for both Men and Women’s football as proposed by the Saudi Arabia Football Federation last year, was merely studied and consultation followed.
“Let me be very clear that FIFA has not proposed a biennial World Cup,” Infantino said.
“Let’s get the process clear here.
“The last FIFA Congress asked the FIFA administration with a vote, which 88 per cent voted in favour, to study the feasibility of a World Cup every two years and some other projects related to women’s football and youth football.
“The FIFA administration, under the leadership of [FIFA chief of global football development] Arsène Wenger, did exactly that.
“We studied the feasibility. But FIFA did not propose anything.
“FIFA came to the conclusion that it is feasible, but would it have some repercussions and impacts.”
However there were loud oppositions for the planned Project particularly from UEFA and CONMEBOL, who also threatened to boycott the tournament.
But, According to the Reuters news agency, alternative plans are expected to be discussed.
While momentum appears to have stalled towards the changes, Infantino did not shelve the proposals, and insisted discussion over reforms to the international football calendar should be ongoing.
“Once this was certified, the next phase starts, and it is the phase of consultation,” he said.
“It’s the phase of discussion. It’s the phase of trying to find agreements and compromises.
“And in addition to the member confederations and associations, I am looking at the leagues, the clubs and the players present here as well.
“We work together. We try and we will try to have a debate and a discussion to find what is most suitable to everyone, because everyone has to benefit.”


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