NNL COO explains reason for Super Abridged League format


The COO of the Nigeria National League (NNL) Emmanuel Adesanya has explained why the Eastern and Northern conference of the NNL will comprise of eight groups instead of the traditional four.

The NNL Boss disclosed it was done to ensure the safety of teams, to avoid the fatigue that comes with long travels and to meet up with the Calendar deadline date of May.

He said that the abridged League means, that no team will be playing oppositions beyond 400km distance and the winners of the eight groups will qualify to play in the Super 8 to determine who qualifies to the NPFL.

On opening day, the NNL will see a single game, One Rocket FC vs Warri Wolves, and decision to feature a single game for the season’s Curtain raiser was intentional.

“It’s a good thing to whet people’s appetite, we want to see their reaction. We saw what happened when Insurance played Akwa United in Uyo it was fun,” Adesanya explained to FL.

“It was fine the stadium was exciting, so we want to follow suite by the time we went the appetite of Nigerian’s with FC one rocket Vs Warri wolves, two big giants in the South South then everybody will know that Nnl is ready to move, Nnl is ready to start and NNL is on ground.”

“Last season it was two in the southern conference two in the Northern conference, but this time around we are going to have four in the Northern congress, four in the Southern Congress making eight groups. The reason is this, Clubs have been told that this time around they will not travel far because our roads are not too good, we don’t want players to go through stress and fatigue, a player that will play a match for you and spend hours on the road, how will you get the best of him?

“So the NFF in their wisdom and the Nigerian National league Congress agreed and said the farthest you can go or travel is 400km to 500km, and that was what formed our subdividing the two conferences into eight instead of four.

“Also, it is a mandate given to us and remember this league must end by may 2023, so, how do we get there if we have to play a group that has plenty teams.

“We will not be able to meet the May date, and that is one of the reasons for increasing the number of groups.

“The top teams will play in the Super 8, and the four best will gain promotion to the NPFL.”


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