Nigerian Officials Douse Worries Over Volgograd Weather


Nigerian football officials have moved quickly to douse worries among the country’s soccer fans that their players could be affected by expected hot weather at their match venue on Friday against Iceland.

The initial report out of the Eagles’ base camp at Essentuki, Russia had been about vibrant expectations of a tough day for Iceland in a temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius that has been forecast during Friday’s march.

However, analysts have since pointed out that the Eagles too could also be comfortable during the game, as some of the players were born abroad, a couple of them grew up in overseas countries and several of them ply their trade in Europe.

Many observers are now of a view that the Eagles would be affected as much as Iceland’s players would be, should the weather in Volgograd be as intense as has been forecast.

However, an official has parried worries that high temperature could affect the Eagles’ players that were born abroad or grew up in European countries, insisting that Iceland would feel the impact more, since their country is generally cold all year round.


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