Nigerian Coaches are under attack – Fuludu


Former Nigeria player Edema Fuludu has charged the Coaches Association to rally behind their members and stop the intimidation and victimization by employers.

Fuludu, who is currently the Delta State FA Chief, also lambasted Coaches who allow the culture of silence thrive while the profession suffers.


“So we must begin to walk the talk by insisting that, time for over age players is over and time for imposition is over,” Fuludu to

“Coaches should learn to say no, should they force players on you, very few coaches will say, ‘I will not do it’. If you get sacked, come out and tell the world I was sacked because, I refused the imposition of players; let the next person go there and accept the imposition of players,” Fuludu said.


“That is why I always insist, the coaches Association must become strong in the sense that, they must bond to agree.

“They don’t just sack coaches for reasons of imposition of players or non-payment of salaries when you speak. But when and if they sack you, coaches must rise up from the fear of this poverty mentality of, if I leave I won’t be able to eat tomorrow and begin to realize that, if you don’t stand on integrity for the future of our players, things won’t be right.”


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