Nigerian Coaches Are Lazy, Love Inducements – NNL Chief


Chief Operating Officer of the Nigeria National League, Emmanuel Adesanya says that the division has many talents that could improve the various National teams.

The NNL Chief even accused National coaches of laziness, and blamed the struggles of National teams on the poor scouting.

Adesanya revealed that the coaches prefer to be induced instead of working hard to get players, he however assured that if the coaches dedicate themselves to work there is an array of talented young stars in the NNL.

“There are talents abound in the NNL, but selection into the National team is the sole responsibility of the technical crew and the coaches,” Adesanya told FL.

“I want to believe if they look properly and take their time to monitor our matches believe me there are a lot of them (talents) out there.

“Let me tell you the truth, some of our National team coaches are lazy. They go after names, they prefer getting induced.

“I am not accusing them but the truth of the matter is that they should go out there and monitor NNL matches and they will find talents there. Our coaches should not be lazy, they should go out to monitor and get talent; and talented players.”


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