FIFA U20 World Cup: We’re not Brazil! Bosso Leaving Nothing to Chance in Italy vs Nigeria Clash


Nigeria U20 MNT head Coach, Ladan Bosso says that his team learned a lot from watching Italy U20 – the Flying Eagles’ next opponent – in their World Cup group D match against Brazil U20.

Bosso states that the team has started applying that knowledge in training ahead of their Wednesday clash.


The Flying Eagles coach, however, expects his team could face a different Italian team from the one scouted on Sunday; as they may change their strategy and game tactics.

Ladan Bosso, FIFA U20 World Cup, Nigeria U20 MNT head Coach,
Nigeria Head Coach Ladan Bosso. (Photo by Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images)

“Being able to have watched them against Brazil gave us an insight into how to approach them. You saw our training session, which is all about the strengths and weaknesses of Italy; how to work on them,” Bosso told FL.

“The Idea of scouting your opponent in most cases is to see how they approach a match, but, sometimes match observation can be misleading because the approach they used in the last match may not be the same approach they will use against us.

“However, it is good for us to identify some key players among them and see how we can take them off.

“The game against Italy and Brazil was disguising. If you look at it tactically, the Brazilians were better, they are fitter. The Italian team just exerted themselves in the first 45 minutes, but when they came out in the second half Brazil were able to get two goals; meaning they don’t have the guts to finish the match, but when you look at fitness, Nigeria is the best.”


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