Nduka Ugbade Reveals Philosophy Ahead of U17 AFCON


Nigeria U17 MNT head coach, Nduka Ugbade says his team’s playing system is inspired by four countries, including the Nigerian style, being the fifth.

Ugbade explained how he likes his team to press until the opponent surrenders the ball, just like the Germans do – The Gengen Press.


To do this, the players must be fit to execute the high-intensity system, to this effect, he revealed that the players are indeed fit enough to keep it going for the entire duration of the match.

His second approach is the Italian defensive system. He revealed that his boys are ready to mark opponents at all times and are rugged enough to carry out this instruction in such a way that the opponents would be marked out of playing, and in transition his team would take every opportunity they have to score.

According to Ugbade, the third approach is the ball, individual and team intelligence which he drew from the Brazilians.

He explained the approach to be the ability to navigate and create situations that will be unpredictable for the opponents to cope with.

He also explained the importance of speed and agility on the path of every individual on the pitch. He also talked about the importance of good set-piece takers in his system.

He cited the example of their victorious campaign at the WAFU B tournament in Ghana, where they needed the free-kick specialists to give them important wins in the tournament.

The Eaglets coach then disclosed that an important ingredient in his system is the Nigerian heart that wants it all. He explained that the typical Nigerian heart would continue to go for every team no matter the name. The kind of heart that thinks it is capable of beating the best teams in the world and would go for it.

The gaffer also stated that the boys will play according to information and that they would know what to do according to instructions.


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