Nigeria Professional Football League Players Eager To Return To Action


Players of the Nigeria Professional Football League are beginning to express there discontent with the prolonged absence of competitive football due to the on-going power tussle at the NFF Glass House in Abuja.

Players have stated that they are hungry to play but are getting frustrated with the way and manner things are unfolding in the NFF Glass House considering the postponment of league till further notice due to the current tussle for NFF Presidency.

Some of the players while in a conversation with Footballalive stated that they were ready to carry out a protest as regards the league which has been held to ransom for some time now without any hope of a resolution in sight.

One of the player told, “We are not happy. We need to play football as it is our job and we have nothing else doing outside football. The warring parties should save our football”

He went on to use the opportunity to appeal to the two factions to bury the hatchets and allow the beautiful round leather game return competitively so that the players can once again be happy doing what they love.


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