Nigeria Premier League Needs Major Upgrade – Yobo


Former Nigeria CB, Joseph Yobo has praised the progress made by the organizers of the Nigerian Premier League (NPL) but warns that there is still a need for them to raise their standards.

Despite the best efforts of the NPL board, led by Gbenga Elegbeleye, the league still experiences certain deficiencies that make it hard for clubs to hold onto the best players.


Players in the league don’t only choose to chase greener pastures in Europe anymore, but they are also starting to ply their trade in other African countries, such as Tanzania, South Africa, and North African nations.

This is something Joseph Yobo isn’t impressed about.

According to Yobo, it’s understandable if players want to move to Europe, but a move to neighboring African nations due to a better financial package is a setback for the league.

He called on the Management body to ensure local league more attractive than other leagues in Africa.

“I think we keep seeing improvement every year. There’s still a lot to do because we are Nigerians and there’s a Nigerian league,” the former Super Eagles CB told FL.

“So credit to people that are a big part of the organization, but there is still a lot to do for us to get to that level because you see other African nations, their league is improving really strong.

“There is a stiff competition, but so far I’m happy with what they are doing and we hope that this season they’ll take it a notch higher than what they did last year.”

“Yeah, you have to look at the facility and also, like you said, the remuneration, because that’s what, you know, this are footballers, this is their job.

“So if you get well taken care of, your welfare packages, I don’t see a lot of Nigerian players going to other African countries.”

“They can go to Europe, but not to other African countries. So on that aspect, we need to raise our standards.”


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