Nigeria drops in latest FIFA Ranking and here’s how it impacts the 2022 World Cup qualifiers


Nigeria drops in the latest FIFA rankings, the Super Eagles are now ranked 5th in Africa, and 34th in the world.
What does this mean for world cup seeding for Nigeria?

Job done. As long as we qualify from the group (win matches) then we will be one of 5 top seeds for the final knock out stage.
Nigeria’s 2022 FIFA World Cup second round qualifying group houses Cape Verde, Liberia and Central Africa Republic.
At 47 points behind us in 6th place Egypt are too far behind us to overtake.
The current position is a simple one. Win our matches, win the group, we qualify as one of the top seeds regardless.
Fail to qualify from our group then we are out and seeding is irrelevant.
Our destiny is in our own hands and we will not be drawn against Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco or Algeria.
The toughest country in the 6 to 10 will be Ivory Coast, that to me is worst case scenario.
But until then it’s already job done for top 5 seeding.
Now the main focus is CAR, Liberia and Cape Verde otherwise FIFA ranking means nothing.


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