Nasri’s Ban Increased From Six Months To 18 Months


Back in February this year, It was confirmed that former Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri was banned from football for six months in relation to his infamous trip to the “Drip Doctors”.

In December 2016, Nasri received 500 milliliters of hydration in the form of sterile water containing micronutrient components.

Following an investigation into the treatment, the 30-year-old was banned but now, things have now gone from bad to worse for the 31-year-old, who is currently a free agent.

His ban has been extended to 18 months following an appeal by UEFA’s ethics and disciplinary inspector against the six month sanction.

Nasri was hopeful of returning to La Liga with Las Palmas earlier this year, who wanted him to replace Jonathan Vieira, but that deal obviously fell through after this incident.

Samir Nasri suspended until January 2019. Initially suspended for six months, UEFA extended his suspension to 18 months for anti-doping rule violations.

A statement from UEFA read like the following: “The UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body’s decision of 22 February 2018 is amended as follows:

“Samir Nasri is suspended for eighteen (18) months. This suspension will start running on 1 July 2017. Samir Nasri is allowed to return to training, with any football club starting from 1 November 2018.”

Chairman of #UEFA Appeals Body renders decision regarding appeal lodged by the Ethics & Disciplinary Inspector in #SamirNasri case. Nasri was originally suspended for 6 months following ADRV. That decision has been amended and the suspension increased to 18 months #AntiDoping

The ‘Drip Doctor’ scandal will never be forgotten among social media users.

The two-time Premier League winner had his Twitter account hacked in brutal fashion by ex-girlfriend Anara Atanes while the clinic published photos of him with the a doctor.

Credit : sportbible


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