Naked and Angry! Why I Placed a Curse on Nigeria Football – Joe Erico


Former Super Eagles assistant Coach, Joe Erico told Brila FM exclusively that he had placed a curse on Nigeria Football and vows that the crisis in the sport will persist unless he’s paid a backlog of salaries owed him.

Erico, a member of the coaching crew that qualified Nigeria for the 2000 Men’s Olympic football event and 2002 FIFA World Cup, was sacked on both occasions along with other Coaches, but he insists they weren’t paid their entitlements.


The former national team Coach also known as the Jogo bonito exponent was on one of Brila Fm’s breakfast show on Wednesday.


He said, ‘I swore for them in the NFA or NFF when we came back in 2002. They treated all of us; Amodu, Keshi and myself just any how. The thing is that they can’t handle the truth, speak it and you’d get blackballed.


‘What basically happened was that I was very angry at the time. I was an angry person. So I went back home, stripped naked and put a hex on Nigeria football,’ Erico continued.


Although he did not speak on how much he was owed, he did mention it was enough to ‘give a grown man a heart attack’.


‘I can’t tell a lie, I warned Amodu about thinking too much about that money because it was certainly a situation that could give you a heart heart or even kill you.


‘But, Today I can say that if they come around and pay me my money, all of this will go away.’


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