My best season ever in Europe – Ogenyi Onazi

Photo credit : Onazi

The Super Eagles midfielder Ogenyi Onazi, who had a swollen time in the first standard of the Turkish league, where he was rated one of the best midfielder in the Turkish elite league.

No thanks to injury, who truncated the outstanding performance of the AFCON winner 2013.

Speaking to the Media the former U-17 2009 silver medalist winner said:

This is life and this is football anything can happen, injuries are challenges attached to football  you can’t separate them from football as while.

“The first round in the league was one of my best season ever, i really appreciate God for that,  unfortunately along the line i got injured, it’s something that happens in the game, but i know i will be back as soon as possible before the league goes half way by the special grace of God,  because i am very positive and also want to prepare for the Nations Cup for my country which is very important”.

“In regards to my injury and it’s effect on team,  it was quite difficult for my team, it was like a big blow to them, it may interest you to know that the president of our club was with me, before the surgery and after the surgery as well”.

“He kept on telling how it was going to a bit difficult to cope without my presence in the field of play, but i am really happy this shows that the club and the city appreciates my importance”.

“Though i am not happy because i won’t be starting second round of the season with them but it’s all good”.

“The president have being asking me which players do i likely recommended for signing, which i did recommend two Nigerian players because i know they will leave up to expectations. Talks with the recommended players are on-going to that regards presently”

He concluded by saying “it will be a thing of joy to have my fellow compatriot in the term”.


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